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Ryan Carter is the CEO of Carter Corporation serving as the main love interest within his story route and the half-brother of Jenny Blake. He later became the father of the player's baby at the end of the second season. In other characters' story route, Ryan serves as the supporting character.


Ryan appears to have a neatly short brown hair with a single fringe at the right side and gray eyes. Throughout both seasons, the player always mistaken Ryan's eyes to be blue as his eyes were seen as bluish-gray.

He has three outfits on his portrait as his main outfit is his corporate attire where he works as the CEO. He wears a brownish grey corporate suit jacket with a pale blue long sleeve button shirt with blue neck tie on the collar, brownish gray corporate pants and black shoes. In some secret scenes, he appears to let his neck tie loose or during the elevator scene where he removes his jacket and tie as his button shirt is partially opened. In a lot of secret images, Ryan's suit looks beige rather brownish grey along with his tie.

His second outfit was his formal attire, a black long sleeved formal suit jacket with a white long sleeved button-up shirt underneath were it was partially opened, black formal pants and a matching shoes.

His third outfit can be seen as his semi-casual attire, a black long sleeved button shirt with the sleeves are folded into cuffs, gray jeans and brown shoes. On one of the secret scenes, his button shirt is shown to be loose when he shows the player his train collections on his apartment. On the third and final season, Ryan wears this as his main outfit when he now settles down with his new family.

  • In the secret scenes during their intimate sessions, Ryan is mostly shown in shirtless to show off his well-toned physique and wears a cream trousers with a matching belt to show off his sexiness and being a hipster like the other main love interests. Although, he was mostly seen naked after he had sex with the player either on his office or during their vacation trips between Chapter 5 through Chapter 10 as well as their romantic sessions in the second season. When he is about to make love with the player during their vacation in Maldives, Ryan was seen wearing a pair of black boxers with a white trim.


Ryan is the CEO of Carter Corporation and can be described as a calm and collected person. He calmly informs the player about her work as seen in Matt's story. He is also portrayed as generous, kind and a man who cares about humanity and wants to make a change. The other side of his personality which he only reveals to the woman he loves, he appears as a dominant person with strong sense of passion. His behavior was demonstrated when he strangely got closer to the player during a blackout while they were trapped inside the elevator and he got intimate with the player.

There are instances through the chapters where Ryan shows signs of enjoying having arguments with the player while keeping a cool composure. By Chapter 6, he confesses his liking for the player and they have a romantic night in the office followed by him taking the player back to his place where they have romantic as well as intimate exchanges. In some chapters, Ryan sadly brought up about his family especially as how his grandfather Henry and his wife had mistreated Jenny for being a bloodsucker and becoming an outcast as well as the death of his mother, Mrs. Carter who suffers a terminal illness similarly to cancer.

In the final chapter of his main story, Ryan also defends his half-sister Jenny Blake when the player angrily accuses her for ruining their relationship and for her hypothetical distastes of her by sending blackmails and other threats on her anonymous blog. This also happens at the bad ending where he fires Jake without reason and showing his defensive side on his sister Jenny during their argument which resulted for the player to get mad even further, return the engagement ring back to him, finally had enough of his upbringing and his protectiveness of his sister. After the player return the engagement ring to Ryan, he shows his sadness and being distraught not wanting to be rejected or being broke up until he reconciles his romantic relationship to her after he told his half-sister that he loves the player very much and there's nothing she can do about it. It is also revealed that he was very discreet towards his private life and his own family before he started a new family with the player in the third and final season.

In the second season, Ryan finally shows more of his negative traits within his personality and also shows his horrible management towards the player since he defends her from media reporters. His overprotective side to the player also caused him a lot of trouble by giving her a bellhop to support her and letting the player being replaced by Alicia Boone on her former position. Despite her annoyance for his actions however, Ryan made her as a department manager on her own department. He also manages to befriend Lisa and Matt during their hang out at the Starlite but also cause a tension between him and Matt as well as he helps the player's things to move to her new luxury apartment. However, Ryan dislikes conflict and being judgmental towards the player when she has an altercation with Alicia Boone after she reveals her true colors to her and seeing that Ryan doesn't want to have conflicts with his employees before he executes his punishment to the player by taking their make out sessions in his office. Ryan is also for being a daredevil as a parachute instructor besides his current job and he did what he can to learn the player the parachuting. Since at the end of Chapter 3, Ryan frequently shows his temper whenever the player and Jenny are in danger because of the threatening letters sent by Alicia, reinstating his chauffeur and bodyguard Jake after firing him in the first season to protect the player and Ethan for his sister, talking about the rival company Holy Fields led by the late Leopold Williamson and Jenny's own actions when she works alone when she tries to ask Leopold's wife about the incident. Ryan can also be jealous and disdain at times when he thought the player was cheating with Matt when she stays at the apartment or Jake interrupts their romantic sessions. In Chapter 9, when it comes to his family, Ryan reveals to the player about his half-sister Jenny who was unloved by his parents from his father's side and upon seeing her getting fragile towards men whom she finds them attractive to hang out. Ryan is also showing his overprotective nature towards Jenny when he finds out her relationship with other men in the pasts which resulted him in a fight he reveals that he fought Zayn because of his relationship with his sister and later reconciles their friendship afterwards since Jenny and Zayn are no longer together.

In the third and final season which takes place three years after the second season, Ryan maintains his domineering love with the player who now became his wife and also loves his current family, particularly his son. However in Chapter 2 after surviving the boat collision in the charity boat race during the storm in Atlantic City, Ryan suffers from dissociative amnesia and can't remember anything from the past 5 years after waking up from his coma. He remembers his sister Jenny and old associates but couldn't remember anything about the player and his new family which alters his behavior when he begins to panic about seeing his son or with his wife with her romantic advances, leading him to break his marriage with the player and leaving his new family to enjoy his old and ambitious single life for himself, thinking that the player was manipulative and conceived their son behind his back, finding the news that he has a family to be unbelievable since he never wanted a child or could never find a woman that would make him want to settle down, and doesn't consider their child to be his since he doesn't remember him. That also happens in Chapter 3 where he demotes the player unexpectedly and letting Mark to supervise her. From Chapter 3, Ryan's memories begin to restore slowly bit by bit by showing his love and caring for his son as well as his romantic tenderness to his wife. However, he can be disappointed at times when he had forgotten the salsa dance steps that he enjoys dancing due to his amnesia, which led him to be replaced by Parker Sparke at the neighborhood salsa dance competition in Chapter 6. In Chapter 4 through 5, He shows more of his softer and caring side towards his son and comforting him for losing over the player's hamster which leads him and the player to buy him at the pet shop with a new baby hamster. In Chapter 6 when Ryan looked at the screenshot made up by Alicia by saying that Carter Corp had killed Holy Fields headed by his rival Leopold to get justice served, leading Ryan to suffer a memory shock and at the same time regaining a few of his memories regarding about Colin and the countdown that Alicia had made at the second season which he awakens when the player attempted to call 911 for help but he refused. Ryan then confronts Parker at Starlite when he decided to dance with the player during salsa practice. In Chapter 9, Ryan initially dislikes Giorgio Maccini for his intimidating appearance but being too jealous when he greets the player with a friendly handshake. Although he berates a drunk Laurens Van Daele about him being assassinated by Alicia and both he and Giorgio clearly dislikes when Laurens displays his disrespectful behavior by attempting to take a sexual assault on the player. But is also unaware that it was really Giorgio who attempted to kill him in the first place because of his desire to run for politics. Now fully recovered from his dissociative amnesia after reading his wife's diary, he decided to stop all these sorts of problems and at the same time being concerned to Mark after he was remained in the authorities due to Giorgio's death threats but still believes that Laurens was behind everything and still unaware that it was Giorgio who masterminded behind the food poisonings in Havana to tarnish his company, his assassination in the boat race and how he gets the amnesia following his survival in the boat explosion and the forge of his medical records.

However, he shows his cold and intimidating demeanor when he personally confronts Parker due to his interest to the player, telling him to keep away from his wife. That also happens in the bad ending when Parker was in Reyjavik, Iceland to speak with the player as Ryan caught them thinking the player was with him, leading themselves in a massive argument between the married couple while Parker calls Ryan a loser for not trusting his wife.

In Colin's story, he retains his behavior in the games and as of the second season, he helps the player by escorting her to the back door due to her troubles with her fans who were crazy on her after he tells her that if she was in trouble from her fans, he would gladly to help her escape from them. Ryan also retains his animosity to Parker when he berates her for taking camera shots on her. In Chapter 9 despite both Colin and the player are no longer working in Carter Corp, Ryan remains loyal to Colin and wants him to help him to deal against Derrick Tremblay who is responsible for stealing the data from his company by hacking and was found by his replacement Carrie Kang and he knew that both of them are in Derrick's apartment to investigate.

In Adam's story, Ryan also loses his temper after his small organization group called Safeplanet is behind the cyber attack on his company and he will never tolerate any kinds of insults and for tainted his company. This is due to Ryan had a business partner with Mr. Peterson, the head and owner of the Peterson Industries and his rebellious son Adam was behind the cyber attack along with his group of activists. Ryan also reveals his collaboration with Adam's group as seen from the bad ending and he knows their true motives. He also allows Adam and his group to work for him, giving them another chance due to Colin's efforts.

In Gabriel's story within the second season, Ryan was mentioned several times by both Jake and Jenny. He also displays his temper to his half-sister Jenny like he did on his main story route when he and Jenny are having a fall out with their respective cellphones if she was hanging out with her friends and Jake knows her problems with him. During Chapter 4, Ryan maintains his behavior from his main story route and always speaks to the player regarding about his sister Jenny who works at Gabriel's team.

In Jake's story, Ryan had a backlash towards the player who works as his Chief Financial Officer and shows his fairness to his fellow employees including Jake, which is why the player is more focused on getting a promotion from him. His seriousness in his appearances from other's story routes were maintained when it came to financial problems, especially when he was nearly assassinated by an unknown assailant. He handpicked the player to be sent to Moscow, Russia, along with Jake to investigate despite the player stating that she can do this without Jake only for Ryan to rebuffed her because he let Jake go with her for protection otherwise, she would end up getting demoted. It was also revealed that according to Lisa, Ryan was sabotaging the player's application for her Russian visa so that she can't leave the company to investigate alone but became annoyed when her denied application of her Russian visa was cleared with the help of her ex-boyfriend Ashton Darrow, who currently works as the head of the legal department. In Chapter 5, Ryan can be persistent at times when he keeps asking Jake about where they were going with the player since her life is on the line which he refused to answer his questions and for being pragmatic and caring to his employees where he keeps Aleksei at his company as the latter had already decided to resign his current post. Although at the end of Chapter 8 as Gabriel mentioned during his phone conversation with the player, he was attacked by Aleksei and his group of Russian armed men in a similar manner as how he was attacked by Alicia Boone within her personal vengeance against him and his company. In the good ending after Jake had rescued the player from getting kidnapped by Aleksei and his mafia group, the Bratva, Ryan accepts her resignation as CFO. In the bad ending however, Ryan is also knowledgable about Jake's other job as a government agent which he easily knows his secrets for taking undercover on his missions at the Bureau and decided to investigate him as well.

Season 1[]

Ryan Carter was born on December 10th in a well to do family. His father, Mr. Carter was an adventurous young man. It is said by Ryan that he was on the day when it first snowed in New York and two years later when he was two years old on that same day a tragedy occurred where he lost his father Mr. Carter who died in a freak accident where he takes a mountain climbing at the glacier and he did not know about his father being an adventurous man (which is why he takes his father's footsteps when it comes to the extreme sports). So his main goal is to follow his father's footsteps for being an exceptional and adventurous man and despite all the accomplishments, it was not enough. Three years later, his mother Mrs. Carter after losing her husband, she gave birth to Jenny Blake after a fleeting affair with an unnamed man and the latter simply took off, not to face the responsibilities on fatherhood as Jenny's father. So Ryan decided to look after Jenny and treated as his full-sister despite she is his half-sister. Both half-siblings received their excellent education to attend the best schools in the country. As a result, Ryan grew up faster than the boys from his age. At some point, Mrs. Carter had died from a terminal illness, leading Ryan to make his decision to live with his grandparents and at the same time his grandparents had mistreated Jenny as an outcast. Years later, his grandfather Henry Carter had died from old age and Ryan inherits his vast fortune, leading him to create and build his own company, the Carter Corporation and this is how his company comes into being. Ryan promises that he would help those in need and does not want to see anyone who made difficult choices like his mother made.

In the present day, Ryan Carter is the youngest and current head of Carter Corporation and the man who cares about humanity to make change for business. He was very well-mannered when it comes to his employees. At one night when he made a party on his company, He encounters one of his employees along the way inside the elevator as it blacked out leaving them trapped inside the elevator. Ryan strangely became close to the employee he had encountered until the electricity is on. The next day, Ryan along with Mark Leviels meet the player who came from Gabriel's management team who turned out to be same girl he had encountered in the elevator during the black out. He promotes the player to become his assistant which she accepts the job. During the exhibit in the museum, Ryan formally speaks about the museum until he makes a girl auction which makes the player to leave without his permission. He then takes her to Houston, Texas for an interview which it became worse when the player messed everything up during the interview which leads them to have an argument. However, Ryan reveals to her that he was the same guy from the elevator during the black out much to her surprise. In Chapter 5, Ryan calls her to meet on his office but unexpectedly makes love with the player as he states that it was their love game. In Chapter 6, Ryan reveals to the player about his family business and about his family life and how he and Jenny Blake were related as half-siblings.

Throughout the chapters, Ryan mostly have arguments with the player especially involving his half-sister Jenny and becoming jealous when Jake was there to give her some comfort. There are times Ryan was being targeted by his enemies as Jake fends them off immediately. But is also unaware that his half-sister Jenny wanted to ruin their current relationship by sending anonymous blackmails and with the help from Colin Spencer, the player learns that Jenny is Persephone and she is the one who made anonymous blackmails and to ruin her relationship with her older half-brother. At the end of Chapter 8, Ryan takes the player after he avoids the gunshots and takes her inside his car which is his Aston Martin and drive away safely which he tells her to meet at the basement. In Chapter 9, Ryan noticed the paparazzis and journalists are there to see him which he orders the player to hide under the car to avoid getting detected. He later takes her to Fire Island where he has one of the apartments, calling this as his "inner sanctum" and decided to stay there for a weekend vacation. This is where Ryan shares his past with the player about how his grandparents had awfully mistreated Jenny because of his mother's blood and being unloved by them due to their mistreatment which is the reason why she cares for him very much as well as how he inherits his grandfather's fortune while displaying his unforgiving streak towards him and how he created Carter Corporation as his business empire to help the poor and never made the same as his mother's decision. He also remarks horribly about the money he possesses stating it was inhumane and how she acted disappointed to him during the auction. After a pep talk about forgiving and compromise, the player attempts to push Ryan into the water, but to no avail only for Ryan to carry her through the water in retaliation after seeing her attempts. He washes the player from the fresh waters from the beach, much to her annoyance. Not for long, the two eventually made out until Ryan tells her that he had something to do with her while she tries to play his love game. After their romantic sessions a few hours later, the player sees Ryan who couldn't sleep and he's having a phone call. Ryan reveals that he had insomnia as he spend it by working a little bit late only for the player to joke on his actions. As soon as Ryan goes back inside to get some water to drink, he left his phone and the player had seen a text message who told him to get back in 24 hours. As Ryan arrives with two glasses of water, this is where the player informs about the text message after he caught up to her, looking the text message from his phone. Ryan tries to avoid all the questions from player even his bodyguard Jake. He reassures her that they'll will be fine and tells her to go back to bed. After this, Ryan carries her back to the bed, causing her to yawn to sleep. The next day, the two are making out on their bed and at the same time Ryan pinches the player's arm which she asked him to, getting hurt in the process and Ryan tells her that it was her who asked him to pinch her. Ryan then tells her that their breakfast is served. Because of his stress at work, Ryan decides to have a jet-ski with the player and always inform her to wear wetsuits. Therefore, he instructs the player in how to ride a jet-ski until they're having a race. Back at the apartment, Ryan receives phone calls from the company and the player decided to get rest. She receives a text message from Jake who is concern about her. The player is later having nightmares about Jake shoots Ryan dead from his handgun who works for the enemy. She was relieved it was just a nightmare as Ryan continues to have a phone call. As she calls Lisa on her phone, she learns that the IRS agents are there to investigate the company. Just as both hanging up after telling Lisa to keep her posted as well as she warns him about Ryan, Ryan is revealed to be fuming with rage while angrily blaming himself for leaving the company, open and his enemy manages to take investigations on the company he had owned using the IRS agents. The player politely decides to help him, much to his surprise. Ryan sadly tells her that they need to get back to the company. As soon as she packed her things, she was relieved that this is not the nightmare that she had seen. Before leaving the villa, Ryan shows his train collections to the player and was impressed to see the other side of him. On the way back to New York City, Ryan decided to listen to the radio from his car regarding about the investigations of his company and all of the employees being blocked by the IRS agents. However upon mentioning Jake being called at the player, Ryan was angry at her stating that she shouldn't tell them where they are. Although his anger towards Jake leads them into their massive fall out and the player decided to get off his car. As the player gets her things and giving him one last word, Ryan drives off abruptly. As the player tries to ease off most of her stress following their massive argument, Ryan was mentioned by Jake and Lisa and this is regarding about the IRS agents are pressuring him on their current investigation. The player had no other choice but to think about whom she has to trust on anyone else other than both Ryan and Jake.

Ryan finally gets engaged to the player by her accepting his proposal to marriage. . In the final chapter, Ryan defends his half-sister from the player's accusations as she angrily walks away due to Ryan caring so much about Jenny instead of her. When he summons the player and Jenny the next day at his office, he tells Jenny to apologize which she reluctantly accepts. But because the player who is unwilling to apologize to her and knowing of her actions for breaking their relationship, she breaks her engagement by returning the engagement ring to Ryan as she stomps away angrily leaving him surprised. As the player spends time at the apartment in a middle of the rain, Ryan arrives to knock the door while the player ignores him. It was revealed that Ryan dislikes being rejected and was distraught for breaking their engagement. He apologizes to the player for being so stupid and not listening to her. The player finally opens the door and sees Ryan being drenched in the rain. The player accepts his apology and Ryan reveals to her that he told Jenny that he loves the player very much and there's nothing she can do about it. With that, the two passionately kissed, finally reconciling their relationship.

The bad ending takes place where Ryan is still defending his half-sister Jenny from the player's accusations. Her arguments with Ryan became more apparent than before and his relationship to her became somewhat dumbfounded due to his defense with his sister Jenny. She also apologized to Jake for lashing him out and she also remembers the time she accidentally kissed him when he takes her home in a drunken state. Because of Ryan's upbringing and his protectiveness to Jenny who lied into thinking she wasn't responsible for her "Persephone" blog and for firing Jake without reason, she angrily breaks his engagement by returning the engagement ring to him and stomping away from her office. Therefore, she was surprised that Jake was there and it was revealed that Ryan fires him into thinking he was very close to her when she gave him some comfort as he takes her to the bar for a drink. Jake then comforts the player who is now distraught for her break up with Ryan.

Season 2[]

After Ryan reconciles his relationship with the player, she had a dream with him during their trip in Paris. After exploring around the tourists spots, he made a romantic dinner with her. Unfortunately, when he is about to propose her for the second time, it turns out to be a dream where he and Jake were switched places to propose her but the engagement ring was missing. The player awakens knowing it was just a dream. Next morning, the player rethinks about what happened to their relationship with Ryan in the first season as well as their broken engagement at the hands of Ryan's half-sister Jenny Blake who is revealed as the anonymous blogger who bashes her on her blog and destroying their relationship with her half-brother. Then, she was received a message coming from both Lisa and Ryan who wants to fetch her at her place. As soon as the player was waiting for him, she was cornered by so many journalists and photographers wanted to ask her about her relationship with Ryan and their broken engagement which the player angrily refuses to answer knowing it will ruined it in the media and tabloids only to be defended by Ryan who rode his own sports car to get her immediately as the car storms off to keep away from them.

Ryan wants her to stop their relationship because of the media reporters but telling her it won't happen again since she tells him that she was fine as Ryan takes her to somewhere else that he knew. He then takes her to the bar and restaurant where he wanted to fulfill her wishes to have come true much to the player's surprise. She also noted that Ryan wants her to become a head chef on this restaurant he gave her which makes the player protests at him because of the large sum of money had spent it and wanted to stay at Carter Corp. Ryan soon explains his reasons because the player is always clingging between her office and his own and wanted to make things separate. The player became mad at him for this, also mentioning about Jenny's meddling to him and decides to get home. Despite Ryan's refusal, she reluctantly agrees to stay at the hotel after he challenges her with a domineering smile as he decided to sleep on a couch while the player was on the bed. That night as Ryan takes the shower to the hotel, the player looked at the view of New York City. Once he's done, he finally begins to get intimate the player from behind as they finally make out passionately. Then, he gave her a surprise gift which are red ribbons where he blindfolds the player while he continued to had sex with her, having the ribbons tied on both of his hands similar to the handcuffs. The next morning, the player wakes up and seeing that Ryan was gone after their sex became very brutal and intense. He also gave her some free breakfast. As soon as she finds Ryan when she finally checked out on the hotel they had stayed, she was encountered a bellhop who informs her about Ryan and also the one who's trying to find either from Uber or a meter taxi to pick her up. The player then asking his name which he introduced himself as Christopher and informs her about the media reporters were reporting about the broken engagement between her and Ryan.

As she arrives at Carter Corp. She meets up with Lisa at the lobby to look for Ryan. As soon as she confronted Ryan at his office but also discovers, she was replaced by Alicia Boone as an Executive Assistant. Finally learns that she was 'terminated' from her former job, she became infuriated for what Ryan has done to her after giving a bellhop to her and being replaced from her former job due to his protection from the media reporters surrounding her, she immediately leaves angrily but Ryan begs to stop her from getting down the elevator. Despite their argument however, Ryan takes the player to the vacant room where she will manage her own department. It was revealed that she was not fired but promoted as a department manager to assists Mark at her own department especially she can orders her former manager Gabriel as she wants. Before she let Matt and the others to move to her own department, both her and Ryan became intimate privately. She later recruits both Matt and Lisa at her department while remembering Jake since he had left the company. After work, she rethinks about to review Cassidy's performance. Later on, she was given many advices by Mark and also gives some heavy work for Cassidy as she is now the manager of her own department. As soon as she visits Ryan's office, she glares at Alicia because of her attitude and reminding herself about her past experiences within her old job and being chosen by Ryan from her old job before she was promoted now as a department manager since she became his lover.

She begins to manage her department by starting scratches and it became successful, she meets the intern Thomas Gordon who became dislike to his sluggish charisma and other employees who were sided from Cassidy which she called them as a group of shrews. Ryan then takes her to the Hamptons and teaching the player on parachuting which he reveals himself as a parachute instructor during the beginner's free fall. Afterwards, Ryan had bought her a new apartment for the both of them to stay together. She later visits Matt and Lisa at Starlite to inform the news which is a shock to both until Ryan arrives to join in their conversations. Few days later, Matt and Lisa helps the player get her things in the apartment to move to the new apartment and the player can fix all of it. After fixing her things at the new apartment she will stay with Ryan, she continued monitoring the employees at her department and also taking suspicious on Cassidy and her group. When she goes looking for Ryan while asking Alicia, she received a threatening letter as she mistook this as Ryan's half-sister Jenny.

As soon as she goes to Jenny's place at New York (mistakenly wrote as Greenwich, Connecticut), she received a phone call from Ryan which she made a good lie about her well being. She finally confronts Jenny at her apartment which she feigns her innocence. At the coffee shop, it turns out that Jenny is also given threatening letters like the player has much to her horrible shock and seeing that it's from the rival company who is against Carter Corp making death threats towards Ryan. The player then finally settled their differences with Jenny after both were given threatening letters to Ryan's nemesis. After work, she was given a call by Ryan by meeting at her new apartment tonight. Ryan makes a game of love to the player by giving her a lipstick, wearing expensive diamond necklace, and making her topless by wearing black panties to surprise her at their apartment. Then, the player saw him bathing at their tub, naked which makes him tells her to join with him. Letting the player took off the black panties he gave her to make herself naked as she joins with Ryan at the tub, while they make love in a bubble bath.

The next day, the player succeeds in her first meeting with Ryan, Mark and other board members only to be disrupted by Alicia. Despite the altercation between the player and Alicia, Ryan stops them and angrily scolds the player for making conflicts which is another diversion for Alicia to ruin the player's job reputation. After giving their make out sessions at his office, she leaves at his office where Ryan gave her a wink. While Ryan was busy with the Japanese businessmen, the player and his sister Jenny were given another threatening letters even after realizing that their intern Thomas was their neighbor at the same luxury apartment. As soon as the player and Matt meet at Carter Corp, they witnessed Jenny is about to be kidnapped by two assailants only for both of them to rescue her on time. They later take Jenny to the empty meeting room after the kidnapping attempt to calm themselves and then resting at Ryan's office. When Ryan arrives to see Matt, Jenny and the player, he was angrily annoyed until the player reveals about the threatening letters. Ryan was furious after hearing about the threatening letters and about previous rival company the Holy Fields led by his former rival Leopold Williamson whom he made a decision to take over the company during the illegal take-over bid. As Matt leaves them after Jenny thanking him for rescuing her, Ryan remains furious until he explains to them about the Holy Fields until their loyal members were moved to Carter Corp. As Jenny leaves her brother behind, Ryan decided to take research from his laptop in order for both the player and his half-sister for protection. Despite his annoyance, the player suggested to reinstate Jake to protect them which Ryan would think about it. Since he blamed Jake after the incident in the first season and left without apologizing him, the player decided to leave only for Ryan to kiss her and he apologizes to her and Jenny for not letting himself be there to protect them because of his works on his business trips and the player tells him that she has to work which he allows her to leave back to her office. Since then, Ryan rehires Jake to guard the player as well as his war buddy Ethan to guard his sister Jenny. Ryan also had arguments with Jenny when they investigate her apartment as well as her pet parakeet was killed by an assailant who sent another threatening death letter and making gala parties at night. Despite the romantic picnic between them in the end of Chapter 5, Jake informs Ryan about Jenny's meeting with Leopold's wife, Veuve Williamson which angers Ryan. Despite his anger however, Jenny clears them up about their secret meeting by recording their conversation until she was assassinated. In Chapter 6, Ryan discovers the mole in Carter Corp with the help from Colin as he easily discovers that the mole is none other than Alicia his personal assistant. In Chapter 7, Ryan was seduced by Alicia to make the player leave immediately, thinking he was cheating on her. In reality, he was attacked by Alicia upon learning her true colors as a mole and as a daughter of Leopold Williamson coming from her prostitute mother Maeva Boone, Ryan immediately takes her down, causing Alicia to escape. He then returns to his apartment with the player and Jake as he was jealous to see them both until he clarifies his misunderstanding with the player about Alicia and also showing his bruised neck sustained from Alicia's attack. Both were later getting intimate inside the shower followed by their romantic sex on their bed. The next morning, she saw Ryan was talking to the authorities after the last night's incident as he gave her a note to her at their apartment. Therefore, Ryan also gave her a white swimsuit as a secret package gift which the player became suspicious to think it's from Alicia as a anonymous package, she informs Jake as he and other agents from the authorities to investigate the package until Lisa stops her. It turns out it was a surprise by Ryan as Mark takes her to his office while hugging him. Ryan soon informs the player about the authorities as he gave the turnover files to them which proves it was nothing and all the traces had been erased as the company has no proof of any illegal business in which Colin erased most of the files to protect him from the authorities but felt guilty because of the illegal take-over bid in the past. The player reassures him that he also protects Colin after Mark told her everything. Back at the apartment, he along with Jenny and Jake celebrating the end of Ryan and his company's complete mess but also praises his sister Jenny for the information being given by Veuve that leads them to unmask Alicia's true motives. Ryan also explains about the gift being arranged by Mark and they were talking about the player's birthday. Ryan also reveals to the player about the white swimsuit he gave her as a gift is to take her to Maldives for their vacation getaway. Ryan and his family now travels from Rome to Maldives as the couple spend their romantic vacation and at the same time Ryan makes romantic pleasures on the player. Jenny is also knowledgeable on their travels in Maldives and wanted to have a restaurant there. Ryan also dislikes not to overhear about Alicia during their entire vacation. After their vacation, Ryan also reveals that Alicia was arrested by the authorities before they make love once again. By the time of Jake's recovery at the hospital, Ryan arrives to see the player, Lisa, Jenny and Ethan at the bar and they complimented their investigation regarding about Alicia and the necklace she had stolen from Veuve after she murders her. Ryan then tells the player about his sister Jenny who is revealed that she was unloved by his parents and relatives on his father's side and also his overprotective nature to his sister because of her fragility towards the men she had attracted which results him to fight them. Later, Ryan was present when Lisa had already decided to resign her posts as her secretary which he reinstated her to stay at Carter Corp while he promoted her to Executive Assistant so that Lisa can trained her new successor on her former occupation as a secretary.

Season 3[]

Three years later, Ryan wakes the player up until they both had a romantic sex together but was interrupted by their own son who is now a toddler who came to see his parents and asking the player to find his elephant doll which was given by Jenny's childhood friend, Zayn whom he had named it. The player does her best to inform her son while Ryan was getting dressed while he was still in bed and became happy to see him. The player tried to teach her son about the word "Carter Corp" as he has an 'r' problem to pronounce it. Ryan was caring to his son while stating he was a devil in a cupcake referencing the player's blog about the cupcakes. He then let both the player and his son to bake cupcakes for Matt and Lisa as he goes off to Carter Corp first. As she strolls her son to Carter Corp in a stroller, she noticed that someone take camera shots on her in a flash and she had smelled the man's scent on the paparazzi who take a shot on her. Arriving at Carter Corp, she let her son play with kids at his age at the daycare center which Ryan had been planned to have this in other branches. She encounters Mark at the elevator who told her to be ready until she reacts about the paparazzi. Once she reaches through her department, she saw both Matt and Thomas are having arguments about Matt's friend Joe Kicks, a famous singer and rapper who decided to run for politics. Because of their political debate is going to get intense, the player reprimands them, telling them to do that at the break room. Both then went back to their respective offices while she went to her own office and was receiving a text message from Ryan. Later that night since Ryan couldn't fetch their son because of conflict schedules, the player takes him home instead. She calls Lisa about Ryan not until she hangs up, her son gets her pet hamster out of the cage, thinking it's a stuff toy which he drops it. She gently scolds her son that her hamster is a living thing and not a stuff toy especially when he tries to open the fridge to get butter when she and the player are baking cupcakes. Once Ryan arrives, the player scolds him because of his conflicted schedules and letting him read her blog about mental load which Ryan apologizes and wanted to make up for his mistakes. As soon as he went to the bathroom to get changed, they were visited by Matt and the player allows him to take a shower after her husband which Matt takes off his jacket and shirt. he later shows a story books to be given away for their son stating that these are their favorite stories in their childhood. Ryan soon questions him for being shirtless as he arrives in the scene and the player knew their night is about to go lively because they had a salsa class in Starlite. At Starlite, she reunites with Lisa and it was revealed that Lisa is friends with Owen Hobbad's ex-partner, Fiona who also participates this dance class. She also explains to the player of how she had met her when she was rescued by her from a drunkard who attempting to hit on her especially she explains to her about Holy Fields aside from Carter Corp and Fiona knows her dislike of big corporations and always sided with Adam as a member of Safeplanet. After the salsa, both Ryan and the player go on dancing with a bachata, a cousin of salsa which they successfully do it as most couples are trying to follow their dance steps as well and to the dance instructor's excitement. Back at the apartment, they had a great party by catering for dinner and the player was happy to see both Ryan and Matt are now friends instead of rivals and was disappointed that Fiona decline Lisa's invitation for dinner. Ryan also reveals to them that he's gonna held a charity boat race for the weekend and letting Mark to come with them on their trip to ease up his workaholic nature. After Matt was making fun by both Ryan and Lisa, their son arrives with the cupcake while trying to feed it on his rabbit stuff toy. The player scolds her son not to give sweets because he needs to get sleep. But became mischievous even more when he begs Matt to read the bedtime story under the table only for Ryan to take his son back to his room. They later talked about Cassidy who tries to hit on single fathers but their son manage to stop her which cause her to hate children until Ryan was mentioned once he came to join their conversation. He thanked Matt for giving him some picture books for his son to get some sleep. As soon as the guests are gone after dinner, the player cleans up as Ryan tells her to get rest. Since their son is asleep and the guests are now leaving in their homes, she finally tells Ryan about the paparazzi who take a camera shots on her in a flash, leading him to tell her and their son to stay at home while he goes to Atlantic City. They also talked about the charity boat race where he takes part of until they ended up getting intimate and had sex. Ryan even remarking her that she still wore high heels when she was naked.

The next day she and Jenny are having shopping some clothes for toddlers and they talk about her long distance relationship with Jake until the paparazzi strikes again by taking camera shots on both Jenny and player causing them to flee. After having a quick lunch, she checks upon her team and to see Matt will take care of everything and also noticed Thomas is a big fan of Joe's rap songs. The player requests Thomas to look after her pet hamster while they were away, which he accepts. She then gets her son after Jenny suggested to let him come with them at their trip in Atlantic City and encountered Cassidy who reveals to have a new lover at her side but glares at her when she is about to leave the company. They are soon travelled to Atlantic City to take a weekend vacation along with Mark by onboarding a plane. Mark also seemingly reminds the player's son as his own son, Nathan Leviels when he takes a seat with them but becomes disappointed due to his mischievous behavior when he constantly asking him to borrow his glasses which he doesn't. The player instead read the Icelandic story book being given to Lisa to read. As the plane takes off, she texted Matt about the deliveries in Havana, Cuba. Once they arrived at the hotel in Atlantic City, the married couple had rest after a plane trip until their son wanted to have a walk by exploring the beach side where they can see the lighthouse. They also encounter Adam and his group of friends from Safeplanet consist of Owen Hobbad, Fiona and Derrick Tremblay who were surfing around the beach and both Derrick and Owen are displaying their hostility during the encounter especially Fiona. They spend time walking as their son had finally fall asleep on his stroller. The journalist had observed their movement in a shadowy appearance as the player had been smelled his scent the entire time that he had been following them which makes Ryan became angered on the latter's presence, wanted to know about his true identity. But he immediately disappears. Back at the lobby, Ryan finally tells the player about their date in Iceland and he had been planning this once the race is over and allowing Jenny to look after their son. The player was delighted about his decision. The next morning, Ryan romantically spend time with his wife in their hotel room by getting massage with caresses as well as having sex. As soon as he leaves for the race, she looks after their son and reading story books given by Matt until Thomas had called her on the phone, telling him that he had run out of pellets which makes her tell him not to worry. While having breakfast at the lobby, they meet Mark once again and he tells her that workaholic people like himself know their limits as well as he runs into Gabriel who is dealing the projects here in Atlantic City. The player finally convinced Mark to come and see the boats at the beach which he gladly accepts. Therefore, Mark gave her the newspaper and to her surprise that children got food poisoned at Carter Corp, leading her to contact Matt about it which led Matt to get mad for destabilizing the company they had been working for. Upon realizing that it was written by Parker Snow whose full name being shorten to P.S as his signature and the player believes it's from an anti-Carter Corp group like Safeplanet as Mark also knows this as well. Afterwards, they meet Ryan at the bar where he takes his son to show the boats. Here this is where Ryan tells his declaration of love towards her and his son and they were the ones he had been treasured to him. Ryan wanted to say to the player about the rumors as the player knows about the news. Before Ryan could say about the rumors, the announcer of the boat race makes the last call of the racers to get ready and Ryan gave her the a last farewell kiss to the player and went back to his boat. As the storm comes in, letting her son to give him an advice not to afraid of thunder and lightning, Mark arrives who compliments about her parenting skills and her son's bravery. Due to the thunderclap, the player decided to get back to her husband. But Mark informs her that the race is on, pointing out that they tell the racers to take their positions on the starting line and the decision has been made. When it was raining, they watch the boat race despite the storm. The player holds her son's stroller while Mark put his arm on her shoulder to hold her close. Ryan manages to take the lead against his opponent who rode the red boat. As the thunder claps, Mark grips on the player's shoulders until a gust of strong wind manage to hit the crowded people away while a giant wave manage to wreck the red boat that smashes Ryan's own boat and was collided in explosion. The player faintly collapses after seeing her husband was gone missing following the explosion and it was blacked out.

In Chapter 2, it reveals that Ryan survived from the boat collision on the charity boat race in Atlantic City during the storm but ended up in a comatose state once they immediately take him to the hospital for treatment. Days later as Ryan's condition remains with no improvements, the player worked diligently at Carter Corp and was console by Mark in his office as Matt came by to inform her that the children were indeed poisoned by their food, leading his decision to go with Daryl in Havana for surveillance. She later runs into Cassidy who showed a large wedding ring on her finger and it reveals that Cassidy had married with a photographer (possibly Parker) and they congratulate her. The player was called by one of the doctors in the hospital, informing her that her husband Ryan's condition is getting worse. She immediately went to the hospital to see him and Jenny was there as well and both girls need to support him. To their relief, the medic arrives to inform them that Ryan was awaken from his comatose and both will see him in five minutes. Upon visiting Ryan at the patient room, he recognizes Jenny but couldn't remember the player and she tells him that he was married and had a son. The doctor informs them that Ryan suffers from dissociative amnesia in five years. After letting Ryan to take a hospital bed rest, both the player and Jenny are walking at the Central Park after learning of Ryan's current condition and she remember the good times where she and Ryan had taught their son to talk and walk and now became upset when he didn't remember her and their son. Therefore, the journalist was still there, stalking at both Jenny and the player as she smelled his scent. As he leaves the scene, Jenny knew it was a man's scent when she senses his presence which they decided to get home. The following day as Jenny fetches her brother to discharge at the hospital tonight, the player and her son are eating dinner and also manage to stay control when her son is getting tantrum to see his father just to read more picture books given to Matt. As he fell asleep, Jenny arrives as the player gave her the clothes so that Ryan could get dressed at the hospital. As they arrived on time, Ryan then tries to discover himself at their apartment due to his dissociative amnesia and became distant because he still think he was a single bachelor and living on his former lavish apartment. Jenny tells the player to look after him which she gladly accepts. Ryan was impressed about this apartment and appreciates to his wife but calling her maiden name instead of her first name, much to her horrible shock and he curiously noticed their son was there, sleeping. Both actually talking about names which Ryan tells her if he was his son he would be naming Adam only for the player to rebuff her husband that their's son name is named after her late brother only for Ryan to make condolences to her and wants to see their son. Ryan did his best to comfort his son despite his condition and the player tells him that their son had inherited most of his behavior. Ryan also stated that if only he inherited his modesty. As the player decided to sleep at the guest room so that Ryan would sleep at their bedroom, he gasped to see all of his collections where as the player tells him about the things he made a few years ago. The player was horrified when Ryan had decided to speak about the lawyers regarding about their apartment and thinking of her as a stranger who is sleeping with him, causing the married couple to have an huge argument until their son awakens to see them arguing. Because of his presence and wants to come to his father, Ryan leaves the apartment in panic. His son cries emotionally when his father runs off quickly like a coward and the player comforts him by giving him a hug, telling him that her reason not to see his father because of his current condition. If he recovers he would gladly to give him a hug which he sadly accepts while in tears. In the meantime, Thomas brings their hamster back to them and also mentions about Matt's ex-girlfriend Lana Escobar whom he had lost to her in a boxing match. After the player informs him about Ryan's current condition, Thomas finally understands her situation and taking his leave. She now went back to the kitchen and gets her phone to see Lisa had replied to her after sensing that she was hanging out with Fiona and now she's on the way to the neighborhood. As Lisa arrives, she finally consoles the player about her husband and his mistreatment to her. Lisa knew that Ryan acted as the older version of himself who acts as an intimidating boss and she's more knowledgeable about him more than the player. Lisa also reveals her problems regarding about her wedding with Ethan will be on hold because of his father's condition. She decided to stay with the player like they always do in her old apartment before leaving tomorrow morning. The next morning, Ryan visits the player at his apartment to get some coffee and apologizes for his actions last night. Upon reuniting with their son, Ryan became uncomfortable and disappointed until he asks them both to take him to the park. While on the way to Central Park, Ryan angrily recalls about Jenny being with Zayn only for the player to tell him that he had already explained this to her when they're having a vacation in Maldives and also misses working at Carter Corp as the CEO there but the doctors forbid him because of his current condition. Arriving at the Central Park, Ryan finally spends time with his son by playing ball catching and he is the one who gets the ball on the river under the bridge which his son had thanked him for the rescue and the player sees how Ryan was enjoying with their son to spend some time as father and son.

Back on the work duties, Thomas came to see her with the papers for the Burmese project as well as Ryan's current condition. She later receives a call from Matt, informing her that he and Daryl got in jailed because of speeding and Daryl has to pay the bail. She decided to inform Mark about Matt's current situation. As she goes to Mark's office, she overheard the conversation between Gabriel and Mark and Mark reveals that he ambitiously longing to get a bigger promotion and became angered because of the long wait. As Gabriel came out of his office, he warns her about Mark getting too stressed and the player realizes it was a fatal blow for him because of Ryan's current state. She soon talks to Colin at the break room and Colin notices Ryan who never recognized him because of his amnesia only he knows for his friends like Lisa, Matt, Thomas and the player. Colin also manage to hack Thomas account when she saw his status on social media regarding about Ryan's current state and his suffering from his amnesia, causing the player to scold Thomas to tone down his writing on the status. Colin also reveals about Joe when Thomas keeps listening about his rap songs, stating that the song is from 1995 (Seeing the song as being revived). When the player tells him about the journalist who keeps stalking and taking camera shots on them, Colin was annoyed and decided to look at the security cameras to find him especially getting serious about the food poisoning incident in Havana which he wishes to perform a concert with his band Nightmareden. Colin also talked to the player about Adam's friends and telling her about Derrick being a sore loser when it comes to hacking and seeing Adam and his friends who were environment activists from Safeplanet are up against bigger companies with the exception of politics. Due to losing a track of time, the player decided to leave and Colin supports her with her husband Ryan. After an hour, she let Jenny to look after their son on her house and both women are talking about Jake who is unsure of himself if he could conceive a child with Jenny. Also, Jenny gives her an advice regarding about her brother Ryan that don't push him too hard which she accepts. She also supportive of the player that Ryan would be back soon if his memory recovers despite his insistence of going back to Carter Corp. Afterwards, the player has to wait for Ryan to arrive and knowing about the current events about the elections and Thomas' exposure about the corrupted politicians. Ryan arrives with his Aston Martin to fetch the player up. It was then, the player learns that Ryan uses his old perfume instead of the ones that both of them customized for each others' scent, realizing of his actions and getting doubted over his personal actions for not kissing her as his wife even he talks her about going to the hospital is like he went into the business meeting. He is able to recall Jake as his chauffeur but having his mission on Russia as a government agent (Referencing the current events in Jake's route). On the way, she noticed the journalist had been stalking them once again causing the couple to get inside by using crowded people as leverage. The appointment was well and Ryan finally decided to work on his company and the psychiatrist gives him an advice to spend more time with his wife and son and the missing pieces of his memories where he always spending time with the player a few years back. Prior to giving the advice, he tells Ryan that working at his own company would be very dangerous to his current condition and he needs to stay at home. Seeing Ryan's confidence in going back to Carter Corp, the player still doubted him because of his current condition will be worsen if he did not stay away and his insistence of working there would make him more stressful and she wanted him to become stress free. Once arriving at Jenny's apartment by parking his Aston Martin, the player and Ryan are talking about their son because of his closeness to his father and this discovers Ryan's actions who does not want to commit towards his new family with his wife and son until they were taken by surprise from getting a camera shot where one of the paparazzi asks him about his recovery at the hospital causing Ryan to drag the player to the Central Park. The married couple were soon stalk by the same journalist who keeps taking camera shots when she pulls him off. However, Ryan decided to confront the journalist who gave him a threatening response that he should get out in a far away place. Ryan bluffs at him of who he is before the latter leaves in a maniacal laughter. Ryan then decided to give the player some protection by Jake after he finishes his mission in Russia but the player rebuffs him that he should be protected by him instead of her. At the bridge side of the park, Ryan reveals that he is having trouble calling her real name and her worry for him and he considers an opposite attraction between them. When Ryan takes her hand in a worry, she was surprised until they back away to see the ducks are flying away. Ryan decided to get back to Jenny's. Before they could leave the park, they encounter Ethan who walks out with his pet Samoyed and he is having trouble seeing Ryan when they encounter each other especially his father's current well being. The player informs him that they need Jake for the mission as Ethan replies that Jake was doing more "unique jobs". As they decided to leave while Ryan looked at Ethan's pet Samoyed, he recalls that he has his mother's pet dog like this one and the player tells him that they will need one if they can spend time in another country which he reluctantly accepts. Because of his attitude, the player needs to adjust more of her husband's actions since he just knew her a few days ago. Afterwards, they reach Jenny's apartment and Jenny informs them about their son who is napping. They had talked about Matt, much to Ryan's curiosity and always scolding his sister into thinking she's with someone else. Ryan decides to come to the apartment tonight. They cook some dessert and noticing of Ryan's behavior at the first season, reminding him about the job interview he had made with the player. But when their son closely hugged on Ryan, he became uncomfortable and the player tells him that they need to eat dinner and cleaning up his face for his untidiness. Despite this, Ryan gazes the player because of her intelligence and her beauty. As soon as their son falls asleep, she and Ryan are warming up together as husband and wife, not just romantic between the married couple but it was lust. All Ryan does is savor her by spreading the custard on her, caressing & groping her. He gets overwhelmed by the intense desire he was feeling for her & wonders out loud how she's doing this to him , what kind of sorcery is it to make him so disconcertingly attracted to her. He tells her that she's gonna say something to him and the player replies that she wants him and she loves him. Because of his dissociative amnesia, Ryan begins to panic, mistaking the player for being a manipulative woman and their son is not his own. He still thinks of his wife that she had conceived a child behind his back or for the money and reveals he tried to follow the doctor's advice and it did not work (Due to him getting uncomfortable to his son's closeness to him and him thinking that his wife had a fling with him like the other women he had met). He promises that they will never lack for anything he sees to become himself who never cheats and with conviction. Ryan eventually breaks his marriage with the player by removing the wedding ring on his finger, proclaiming that he is single and immediately leaves. The player was devastated in tears after Ryan breaks up their marriage and their new family and his amnesia might get worse if he continued to push himself to his liking.

The following day in Chapter 3 after a terrible night between the married couple which Ryan breaks up their marriage and leaving his new family behind, the player leaves her son at the daycare center and went to Ryan's office. Here, she saw both Ryan and Lisa are talking which the player corrects him that Lisa is his personal assistant. It is revealed that the player tries to reason with her amnesiac husband as Ryan begins to question his wife's occupation as a department manager which he unexpectedly decided to be supervise her to Mark, much to the player's anger and disdain, demanding to know why he decided which Ryan would silenced her that his decision is final. They soon talk about their son who stays at the Daycare and Ryan realizes that it was he himself who made a daycare on other branches and also suggesting to buy a gift for his son. Before they are about to take their romance, Cassidy arrives in his office, informing him about the meeting with Gabriel and Mark which Ryan informs her that he will come to see them in ten minutes. As Cassidy leaves the office, the player had suspicions of her by using Ryan's amnesia to take her down. During break time at Chez Felipe, she talked to both Lisa and Matt who finally returned in Havana regarding about Ryan's current condition and the player also stated that it was hard to make Ryan to remember of who he is. Not until Lisa informs them about the photographer who stalks the player, Jenny and Ryan who also knows his perfume scent being "Dangerous Temptation". Lisa recognizes him as Parker Snow who also participates her salsa class and left because it was an easy class for him and being recognizable on his amber eyes. They later cheered a glass of wine given by Felipe for their working efforts and the restaurant itself became their hanging place. Returning to Carter Corp, Cassidy horribly berates both the player and Matt who is in a tipsy state while both also runs into Gabriel who informs her that Mark had arguments with Ryan at his office. Gabriel also informs about his friend (regarding about Laurens Van Daele) who told him to take his communications campaign on the mayoral candidacy. In her department, Thomas informs her that both Mark and Ryan are waiting for her in his office. At Mark's office, Ryan angrily scolds the player regarding about the newspaper about the distressed children who were poisoned as well as both the Ortega brothers are involved as well when they get arrested for speeding. This is where Ryan listens to Cassidy's perception and the horrible news article being written again by Parker and tries to demote the player's position to be given to someone else as a replacement causing Mark to defend her. Mark angrily berates Ryan for the mistreatment of his wife by letting her look after their son alone and was never become the person 'himself'. After Mark shows it to him of how successful the player and her department had become because of his dissociative amnesia, Ryan then gives them another chance but angrily tells them not to make any mistakes ever again before leaving. Mark was relieved to see Ryan leave, stating that he has been very stubborn and insolent at times. He informs the player about the investigation of the food poisonings at Havana which the player tells him that Matt had told her that the children had given medical treatments for the food poisoning when they went there with his brother Daryl. Mark then tells her about Laurens Van Daele, the close friend of Leopold Williamson, Gabriel's former colleague and a Belgian who formerly worked as a businessman to make a fortune in Belgium and he decided to switch between his business job to politics where he decided to run in the mayoral elections at New York. Because of the stress that the player has been through and the mistreatment given to her husband who is still suffering from his dissociative amnesia, Mark gave her a business card from his psychologist, Mr. Monteiro to help her which she gladly accepts the card and decided to visit Mr. Monteiro for a check up. While at the break room, Thomas tried to get the chocolate from the vending machine only for Colin to deal with it. Despite his annoyance, Colin gave him advice about the mash-up of the songs between the rap and the heavy metal while scolding him for sending his email address after being given by Matt. As Thomas leaves, Colin reveals that he was stressed up by Ryan regarding about the previous incidents such as Holy Fields and OPA and also called him a hippie because of his present appearance. Therefore, Cassidy came by and wanted Colin and his band to invite on his wedding but Colin declines her offer until he horribly remarks her fiance being the look-alike of the late Lemmy Kilmister, much to her frown after she had remarked his band Nightmareden being The Nine Mermaids while leaving the break room in annoyance. The player noticed how Cassidy was upset while talking to herself and she had wanted Colin and his band to be invited on her upcoming wedding. After she had her first consultation with the psychologist, Mr. Monteiro as well as buying a notebook at the stationery to write her about her loving memories with Ryan while Matt looks after their son. While on the way home, she encountered Parker who finally unveils himself within his shadowy presence since she had smelled his fragrance from his perfume being "Dangerous Temptation" as stated by Lisa. She angrily wants to know who he is but instead he threatens her about her being put behind bars. He also takes a camera shot on her in a flash causing her to get his camera but to no avail as Parker holds her off which her hands got slipped because of the rain. Due to receiving a call from Matt, Parker continues to threaten the player of the crimes that she did not ever committed before he quickly leaves. She then receives Matt's call from her phone. Back at the apartment, she soon explains to both Matt and Thomas about she had encountered while she let them eat salad for dinner. This is where she had messaged Lisa to inform Ethan about Parker as she is already describing Parker when he participated in salsa class. Matt also invites the player to his brother Daryl's party and telling Thomas to meet his rap idol Joe Kicks, much to his excitement. The player wouldn't go to the party because of their son. Suddenly, a doorbell rings and it turns out to be Ryan who has a bouquet of white roses. Both men leave the married couple and Ryan brings a small gift for their son which is a dog stuff toy as the player tells him that their son would get excited if he would gave him the toy. Ryan then asking the player about Matt and how he was promoted as the Director of Communications as he himself who promoted him. He also begins to get close to the player until she stops him, telling him to discuss about their work as Ryan had wanted to impress her and Mark regarding about the Havana food poisoning investigation which the player would display her conviction in doing that investigation with Mark. The married couple begin to get close little by little so that Ryan would remember all the things he has been through with the player and noticing his temptation towards her.

The next day, Colin arrives to see her and he had done taking research about Parker with the help from Matt but couldn't find Parker's surname which he joked about Spiderman's identity of Peter Parker. Therefore, she meets up with both Gabriel and her husband Ryan who were talking about politics. She later reunites with Mark at the conference room who informs her that the children in Havana who got food poisoned by their food is safe. Following their meeting, he has a call on his phone to meet someone. Therefore, she meets up with Colin who informs him about Parker downstairs and stating that calling her in the meeting was a bad timing. After getting down the elevator with Colin and Cassidy, she waves at Mark in the lobby. Then, she saw Matt angrily threatens Parker for tainting the company they had currently worked for and for stalking the player. As the security came to confront Parker as the player tells them not to intervene since they can handle themselves. Parker taunts them if they could punch him but instead Thomas gets his camera and breaks it into the ground and its camera lens has broken into pieces, much to his horrible shock and fury. Parker was angrily pushed away by Matt and Colin warns him if he has a lawyer to get rid of the company, they're going to counter his case. Parker then angrily threatens the player that her friends are not going to help her next time. After Parker was temporarily blocked and never to stalk her again, she and Mark went to Ryan for the report about the Havana incident which the children are recovering from the food poisoning until Ryan reveals that their contact was killed without reason, much to their horrible shock. Ryan was impressed about their report. As Mark leaves, the married couple are talking privately about the Havana investigation and Ryan remembers his love and caring for their son, much to her happiness. Despite they are about to get close, Ryan receives the phone call, allowing his wife to leave his office. Back at the apartment that evening, she prepared some dinner for her husband with the help of their son as well as trying to stop him for making the old hamster gets traumatized from its mischievous behavior. She also writes the notebook about her progress after she frequently visits the psychiatrist, Mr. Monteiro. Ryan soon arrives and gives his son some another stuff toy whom he names it Bamboo when the player had discuss with him about the reports in Tokyo. Therefore, the married couple begins their romantic rendezvous so that Ryan would take his time for his wife. She later takes him to the salsa party in Starlite which Ryan couldn't remember what he had participated in and instead she confides with Lisa. Despite being helped by Ethan to know salsa by taking a little practice, Ryan couldn't get more steps because the dance they had been doing was in advance after the instructor tells them that it's going to be held the neighborhood salsa dance competition. They later stayed at Jenny's apartment who made an idea in going to Maldives to see their foundation and her childhood friend, Zayn. But Ryan became overprotective to his sister again when the player had made joke on him if she is on to other guys as Jenny was received a call from Jake. The next day, they travel to Maldives by riding Ryan's private yacht so that Ryan would remember all the romantic memories with the player in their experience in Maldives. The player also extends to let Matt to look after their son and Jenny reads a book being written by Claire Zamora (as most Is it Love? characters became familiar about Claire who is the director of 1492 studios and the creator of the game series). Their pilot captain Paul informs them about their landing in Maldives as Ryan orders him to layover to switch pilots. As Jenny finishes reading, she tells her everything until she had talked about Laurens. Ryan became upset of this, stating that he is crooked man and being the sugar daddy of the year, which leads him to get argue with Jenny while the player keeps messaging on Matt for their son. They first visit the art gallery which Ryan was impressed to see the paintings as both Jenny and Zayn came to see them. While spending time with the three of them, the player continues to look on her surroundings regarding about Parker. In the middle of the night, they finally had dinner at Ryan's very own yacht and Zayn tries to impress them by performing magic. Jenny also reveals that she let the player to share with Ryan at the underwater bed which Zayn tells them to get ready. This is regarding about the jet ski as Ryan tells the player to show her what she had got to do with this water activities. Then, he takes him to the room under the sea and at the cabin of his yacht where they spent their honeymoon (The same place where he spent time with the player in their romantic vacation at the second season), leading the couple to make love for each other and Ryan wanted to tell the player to recall the things about their honeymoon and their marriage and she let him follow her lead. The next day at the bar terrace in his private yacht, Jenny came to see them with the bags and leaves to see Zayn. Ryan was initially frown over his sister and the player corrects him that she goes to Zayn for the foundation which he remembers about it. Before he could do act romantically to the player, Parker made his presence known as Ryan angrily recognizes him at the park as he follows them in Maldives. Parker accuses the player for attempted murder and poisoning her husband as well as he gave Ryan the original medical files as the doctors who checked on him within their files are forged (Since one of the professional doctors is an accomplice to assassinate him) and Ryan was horribly shocked about the files and Jenny didn't see this. This is where Parker tells Ryan about the player being a black widow who takes advantage of using him within his dissociative amnesia while he continues to frame the player for the crime that she had never committed. However, Ryan believes his false story, much to the player's upset and dismay and he angrily accuses his wife for using him.

However after seeing Parker's rude behavior, he later sends him off packing. Later, Ryan on the way returning to New York told Jenny that it isn't easy to tackle the condition and accept the player like the woman he did before his Amnesiac state and later despite all this as chapters progressed Ryan started to recover from this state by getting memory shocks but there was no shock that would make him remember the player throughout the chapters. It is seen that Ryan despite not getting his memories back he starts to fall in love with the player again and starts to wear his wedding ring that he discarded in the second chapter and they make out in an intimate way and he confess his love to her before making out with her in his office. In Chapter 6, he improves his behavior as the chapter goes on but sometimes he was frustrated to the player. Ryan later remembers his son and started to get more close to him and was annoyed when his son had called Matt Ortega as his father. Ryan was panicked from this incident and questioned Matt and he said that he did not steal his kid, and said that the kid blurted it out in a sleepy state. Ryan is seen to be cautious with the player's safety in Havana to the point that he nearly took the bullet to himself but his bodyguard Ethan intervened and prevented it. On Chapter 8, Ryan starts to open up more to the player and he share some things to her before he suffers dissociative amnesia like his birthday and the significant event of that day. Ryan also sells his bachelor pad as he told the player that running away to that loft to get some time to think and analyse the current outrage (the handover incident news fueling the media thanks to Cassidy) made it worse as he can no longer stay away from her. They share their intimate moment on the loft as a final event there.

On Chapter 9, Ryan is seen to be furious on Mark's confession but the player tries her best to make him feel that Mark can't be guilty on those crimes. Following the night, Ryan later tells the player that Mark informs him that he had a son named Nathan Leviels much to player's shock as she never knew of this fact and Mark despite his personal issues, he should actually have opened up to her. Ryan apologizes to his wife that he had never told her about this and he felt he may have known about Mark's personal life but due to his amnesia, he forgotten to tell her everything. Later at Colin's farewell party in the Half Five, he felt a little bit annoyed by Parker's closeness to the player such as him investigating with her, the Salsa competition and felt that it felt almost as she was having a relationship with him. The player reassures that she would never leave him and would rather dance argue and love with him. During the dinner night with the politicians, Ryan meets, Mrs. Chocolate, Mr. Peterson as Adam was on his stead and Giorgio Maccini. Ryan also displays his dislike of Giorgio's arrogance and intimidation while getting jealous as he tried to give the player a handshake. At the arrival of Laurens who is completely drunk and trying to expose all of their darkest secrets including Giorgio. Ryan also tells him that it was Alicia who planned to assassinate him for her vengeance towards her deceased parents. Despite this, Laurens begins to disrespect to the player to the point of attempting to grope her which she avoids him before he collapses as Jake decided to call a cab to take him back, finally resigning his bodyguard job to Laurens. Unaware to Ryan, Jake and the player, Giorgio has been planning this ordeal all along and he was the mastermind for assassinating Ryan by exploding the boat during the boat race in Atlantic CIty which resulted the two boats collided in explosion and his survival for having a dissociative amnesia and to poisoning the children in Havana by tainting his company with their food packages are filled with poison.

Returning back to their apartment, Ryan rehires Jake as his bodyguard who is now resigned as the bodyguard of Laurens. Ryan later reveals that Mark's son, Nathan was getting treated by Dr. Shkreli who forged the records and knowing that Mark was not ready to talk anymore after his public confession to the crime and told the police were unable to detect any connections between him and Yannis. But the player still defends Mark. Ryan later takes his wife on the rooftop and shares an intimate midnight passion in the pool with her as a surprise. He tells her that he is really sad and frustrated that he cant decipher the real enemy behind the nuisances that happened to them and he only remembers the countdown accident that Alicia planned and how it backfired at her. The player tells him that they must visit her to the police station to trigger new memories. Ryan coldly confronts Parker near his company and told him to leave his wife alone. He stared at him with sheer coldness and Parker left the scene in anger and told him that he could meet up where she knows he will be. Ryan's reason for this confrontation was because he heard from Owen that he had spotted his wife and Parker on the bathroom in private. The married couple went to the police station to talk to Alicia but she just taunted the two of them. Her words also caused Ryan to triggered memory shocks and the player was concern about her husband and Ryan finally understands his wife that Mark was indeed innocent.

Back in their apartment at Chapter 10, Ryan later reveals to the player that he aspires to run for politics until this amnesia gets into him. If he was elected as Mayor of New York, their lives will be changed and he would sold his business company for that job. He also reveals that Mark had nothing to do for the poisoning did to him or the shipments in Havana and he never blackmail him and these documents was actually done by himself who he claims as the mysterious documents. Mark is also the one knows about his aspiration to run for politics. When the player asked him about Laurens. Ryan reveals that him and Laurens are in the same wavelength and does not know how he gets of his plan and for blackmailing Mark. He soon to gets serious stating that it has to be stopped immediately and Mark was proven innocent. Before fetching their son at Jenny's apartment, the married couple decided to spend their romantic time together while doing their make love sessions. They later visited Jenny and Jake in the apartment which Jenny mentions about Alicia. Jake then tells her to take it easy due to Ryan's memory shocks. Jenny also reveals that she is pregnant with Jake and their son would have a new cousin on his side. However, their son dislikes to have a female cousin which considers them as 'stink' only for the player to rebuff him and to remember his friends from his age. Jenny decided to take their son away so that they need to know from Ryan who still believes that Laurens attempted to kill him and Mark was indeed innocent, much to his shock. Upon mentioning Laurens, Jake remains irate after what happened in the dinner night and if Laurens gets involved in the assassinations and the food poisonings in Havana he would gladly be rot in jail for good. Despite the alliance, Ryan informs Jake that Mark couldn't talk to him because of the pressure made by Laurens but he manages to give him the text message that he is innocent. Jake sadly decided to have Mark a bodyguard if he had friends to help him. Because of this, Ryan decided that they need to act quickly and requires a skill people and letting the player to confide with other allies. The player enlisted, Lisa, Thomas and Matt to assist Ryan since they were given his blessing and warns them about being targeted similarly to Yannis and Mark. She soon tells them about Ryan's memory shock about his desire to run for politics, Mark's innocence in the handover of the document scandal and Laurens' motives. Thomas then reveals about Cassidy who hated her the most despite Matt's scolding, Lisa knew about the candidates' dinner regarding about Laurens' actions and talking about the mirror companies including Giorgio's and might not be involved in the Cassidisks. As soon as Matt settles it by handling Gabriel while Thomas investigates Cassidy's office and Lisa would keep an eye on a possible suspects. The player soon receives a call from Colin and stating that he has a lot of information. She later visits at Derrick's house where both him and Colin are competing each other and bickering in whoever has the most information they can give to the player while Owen is with them. Colin angrily reveals that Laurens is behind the musical hater attacks and he paid his army of bots to spoil the social networks of New York artists and Derrick reveals the list of mirror companies being handled by Laurens as most of them are illegal and some of them are the worst. The player actually picks Colin's information due to his involvement in the music industry and Colin also reveals that Laurens didn't own the Cassidisks and he is already engaged with another woman named Rebekah who does not run the music business and also confirming that Cassidy has no trace in Laurens' files. Knowingly that both Colin and Derrick had easily found the entire evidence that this guy who's political career is already over and it was enough to apprehend the person is none other than Giorgio, leading the player to celebrate with them. The following day, their work are going well until Matt informs her about Laurens. It is revealed following Leopold's suicide due to Ryan had bought Holy Fields, Laurens takes over all of his friend's most-well hidden business which is actually a shady-type of business. He also informs her that Laurens was arrested for what happened tonight and all the crimes he had been committed. Therefore, the player knew that Mark was still in silent and was remained in custody by the authorities because of the public statement he had claimed. Joe then visits the player's department being invited by Lisa knowingly that they are celebrating about Laurens' arrest. After lunch with Lisa at Felipe's. The player decided to go her department until Ryan shows up at the elevator which she noticed the elevator trick (A reference as how she met Ryan when they stuck at the elevator at the beginning of his route). This is where Ryan reveals that he had read her diary regarding about their shared memories for their love and Ryan was fascinated that his wife is the heart of everything in his life and soon confesses the horrible things he had done to her such as his amnesia (where he removes his wedding ring and wanted to go on his bachelor life). Because of the negative side of love, Ryan finally apologizes to his wife for the mistreatment he gave to her when he was suffering dissociative amnesia while confesses his love to her and the player forgives him and the reason they stuck at the elevator is how Ryan remembers the closeness between them leading to their brutal make love session inside the elevator.

The next day, Ryan was upset because of Mark who is still upset of him while they were talking to their cellphones, informing him that Laurens is already taken in custody and he is innocent. Now that he is no longer had an amnesia and remembering everyone including his wife and son, Ryan then allows the player to stay at the company while being accompanied by Jake after he tells her to be careful due to the New York turmoils. Therefore, Thomas wanted to meet up with the player and Matt at the meeting room where he reveals that he's been watching Cassidy and seeing that she is suspicious and wanted to know who her real fiance is even Matt also wanted to know who he is. Matt also reveals that Cassidy had spoke to someone and Thomas had recognized that he is the former member of Dusky Scorpions which happens to be Rob Silva before getting inside the cab to leave. Thomas angrily realized why Rob was involved in Cassidy's ordeal and warns her that her husband will be killed if he was encountered. The player knew he is a notorious gunman in Havana and knowingly that someone handles the shady business with the gangsters and mobs is the real culprit behind it. She later runs into Gabriel who went to Mark's office and tries to talk about the files. Upon mentioning Cassidy, Gabriel reveals that he is not involved on that ordeal only to hear the announcement of Cassidy's engagement and he also made reference as how Cassidy damages his reputation and nearly loses the woman he wants (a callback to his route where Cassidy is the one who ruins the player's reputation on the final chapter). He then tells her that he couldn't help her and he does not accepts her wedding invitation. She then remembers about Parker where most people didn't open the envelope. Since he didn't respond her call, she instead sending him some messages. That night, Parker visits the player who was surprised to his presence who jokes at her that he will apply a job at Carter Corp as she informs him that it will be tomorrow if the HR manager's office is open. The player now wanted to know from Parker about Cassidy's fiance. Parker tells her that his phone has been bugged and decided to meet her personally. He soon brings an envelop which happens to be a wedding invitation and the player asks him about his parents. Parker reveals that his parents are from Oklahoma and decided to move to Havana, he also stated that his father is a rich man while his mother who is obsessed with rich and beauty as Cassidy had inherited all of her mother's qualities. Parker scolds her not to make a hasty judgement over his sister. The player became annoyed of why Parker didn't contacted her if its important as he reveals that he knows about Cassidy's fiancé and decided to make connections immediately as the player would do the same and he regrets that he will give the scoop to both Colin and Derrick as they already know who had done it. As Parker gave the invitation envelope to her, he informs her that their enemy is not the one who they fight against but the person who benefits the heavy damage, allowing her to open the invitation. As the player opens the invitation and finally learns that it was really Giorgio after all and he is in fact being Cassidy's fiancé. Horrified after learning about this and Giorgio was truly the mastermind for assassinating her husband Ryan due to his desire to run for politics as the Mayor of New York and he does not want his opponents to get in his way so he decided to eliminate them on the spot and tarnishing the company they had been currently worked for. Parker also knows from his youth that Giorgio had his business with the mobsters to poison the children in school, that signifies his current role as the leader of Italian mafia and also learns that he is responsible for blowing up the building. He also reveals that it was Giorgio who orders the authorities to make a raid on Daryl's villa as he wrote about his true motives but Giorgio using his power and position to pay other journalists and press even the authorities as well. They take a break the cafeteria since the player learns about Giorgio and his true motives and Parker knew that Giorgio currently works as the owner of the Queen's Casino claiming this as his shadow empire and Politics was just a child's play. Parker also knows about Rob Silva, the notorious gunman in Havana and the former member of the Dusky Scorpions and learning that Giorgio has a habit of poaching gang members by giving odd jobs to do his bidding and learning that Rob was watching over his sister Cassidy. The player learns that Giorgio was behind everything and Ryan will be in great danger if he gets involved with his true motives. Parker also displays his anger and disdain that Giorgio is the most criminal in the country and he is about to marry his sister. Parker also reveals that Laurens is not a culprit and he was set up by Giorgio by the time Laurens almost exposing his true motives during the candidate's dinner in a drunken state and they need to take him down and knowing the authorities are always giving a pay roll by him. Due to Cassidy's role being a mole of Carter Corp following her engagement to Giorgio, Parker knows that Cassidy's wishes as an HR Director just to impressed her mother Mrs. Sparke to have a successful husband. Back at her department, Parker remains angry and frustrated and telling the player that they need to work together to stop Giorgio and his plans and the player tells him that Ryan and the others didn't want her to investigate with him only for him to rebuff her that they will all be killed if they don't do something. This is where Parker finally shares his family life and how he and Cassidy begins their horrible rift as siblings since Cassidy wanted to erase all the photos about her real identity in the past. Prior to Cassidy becoming a battered wife to her now her unnamed ex-husband, she was born as a hunchback person and was constantly bullied by her schoolmates during her childhood and Parker was revealed as Cassidy's older brother and he should had defended her from any forms of bullying. Parker reveals that he was the first born to handle his father's family business and loves to dance. Similarly to Jenny, Cassidy is constantly mistreated by her parents as an outcast while Parker being treated nicely as their favorite much like Ryan's grandparents are treated Ryan the same way and Parker didn't care so much of his sister and he never defends her from bullying because he doesn't want to be excluded on the group. Although in his pre-teen years, he abandons his sister from getting bullied and runs like a coward and that's how it started their rift as siblings and Cassidy learns to hate her older brother for abandoning her a few years later following a break up with his girlfriend Salome. Cassidy was later revealed that she rejected her older brother's application in Carter Corp as a commercial photographer due to her strong hatred to him. He continued to blame himself for his inability to support his sister. He soon admits why she invites him to her wedding to show him that she is successful while he was a failure and the reason he keeps running away from love ever since he breaks his girlfriend. The player now reveals to Parker about Giorgio's candidate dinner where he is a ladies' man. Despite the evidence she had found, Parker angrily confesses that he likes the player and his cowardice of running away had faded because of her but she is a married person with a child. As soon Parker almost kisses her because of his confession, the player stops him, rebuffing about their romantic attraction and they can't deny it and is not one-sided. But she loves her husband Ryan more. Parker sadly apologizes that he respects her decision and being sorry for his temptation and he was glad that he felt something to her and gives her a farewell before walking away dismissively. She later stays at Matt's apartment to inform him, Thomas and Lisa about more information coming from Parker despite Matt's anger about Giorgio which horribly shocks the trio. Matt then knew Giorgio was the one who blackmails Mark especially to the now incarcerated Laurens and always being warn by Daryl to stay away from him. Knowing that Daryl had a shady business and noticing of Giorgio's actions, he jokes about him marrying Cassidy only for Lisa to throw his head with the pillow. After the humorous conversation they remain to be on-topic, Matt suggests to enlist his brother Daryl since he knows the connection to people who works in dirty business and they will noted Ryan about this investigation by going to Joe's party on his villa. But before they can do, they need to investigate Cassidy since she was there to train the new HR Director. The next day at the break room, the player observes Cassidy who still proclaiming about her fiance, Giorgio and the trainer she trains was nothing but a collateral victim. When Matt and Thomas are going to take a diversion on Cassidy which Thomas tells her that he can rap with the famous Joe Kicks. But she refused until Thomas mentioning about Nightmareden, leading Matt and the player to go and went to her office. This is where they investigate her office by making a surprise inspection. The player checks on her desk as she learns that Cassidy had borrowed a children's book from her son as soon she tries to find the evidence in her safe or a hidden compartment, Matt knocks her to get outs, signifying that she's coming back. Despite Cassidy's behavior to Thomas, the player tells Matt that she couldn't find the evidence but revealing that Cassidy is interested in children's books. Because of that ordeal, she decided to leave after they had a humorous conversation again. That night, she spends time with her husband and her son and was relieved that Ryan's memories are back. The player tells Ryan that she will speak to Daryl. Since their son wanted her to stay, Ryan decided to look after him, allowing the player to leave. While Jake is with her, she goes inside Daryl's villa and made a party for his guests and party goers. She meets up with Lisa and Joe and giving Thomas some advice about the alcohol to lessen his voice. It reveals that Colin and his band are there as well and Thomas finally dances with Ashley. She meets up with Colin and he reveals that they had returned for the concert and decided to stay in New York with his girlfriend (referring to the player in his route). She exchanges a few words before Colin goes back to his bandmates. Matt then calls her while Daryl is with him in shirtless. Daryl greets the player after seeing each other and decides to put his shirt back on to meet on his office. Matt reveals that he talked to Daryl about Giorgio and his true motives and decided to help them out. At his office, Daryl warns both Matt and the player to be careful and reminding them about the police raid. Daryl reveals that it was Giorgio was responsible for the police raid and wants to clean anyone who hinders his political career and the reason he was spared by him. Learning from Matt, Daryl knew that Giorgio is going to be an unstoppable individual since he already runs half the city. The player wanted to have an advice from Daryl since he knows Giorgio's true motives by poaching old gangs to do his dirty work. The only way to expose Giorgio after poaching the gangs including the Dusky Scorpions, by luring him out on his main territory which is the Queen's Casino. Despite Daryl's jokes, he decided to help the player out and it will be a Christmas for him when Giorgio was now behind bars. But they need to exploit his flaws than the ones he had knew about. However a stone breaks on a window causing him to get enraged while Matt and the player follow him. Once they get out, they see Parker who was caught by Daryl's henchmen. Daryl threatens Parker for breaking the window while the latter tells him that Thomas had blocked his way. He soon tells them about his plan to stop Giorgio and his true motives. The player convinces the Ortega brothers that Parker is helping them which let Matt allows him to help them and was freed by Daryl's henchmen. Parker then tells them that the only one last person to convince was none other than his sister Cassidy. In other words they need to take down Giorgio by just giving a full trust to Cassidy.

At the final chapter of the story, she finally informs Jake about Giorgio who is masterminded all those various crimes including his assassination with Ryan which resulted to his dissociative amnesia. The player refuses not to be afraid of Giorgio since he corrupted some of the police authorities which is why all of Ryan's investigators are not fast enough to finish the case. Due to the player's determination to stop Giorgio, Jake remarked her or Ryan are equally insufferable, hot headed and stubborn. When he listens to the player about Parker's plan, it will work but it's going to be risky. She soon receives a call from Ryan who is looking after their son at their home and he had awaited for her return. Jake instructs her not to act like herself as she poses as the pop star Kim Evergreen. Arriving at Queen's casino, Parker arrives as well by riding a cab and they thought he's gonna ruin the night. Parker compliments on the player's outfit and informs Jake that Daryl and his men are there. Jake tells Parker that he thanked her for holding his doubts if that fails, he will be hold responsible and he's gonna deal against Ryan. The player could not forget that Parker acts like a stalker from the beginning and now as an ally and she was glad he was with them. Therefore, the Ortega brothers also arrive and both supports her. Daryl asks her if she has a recording device which she confirms as the small microphone being lent by Parker to expose all of Giorgio's horrible deeds. As they get inside the casino, they perfectly pose themselves while at the same time they are searching for Giorgio's whereabouts until Daryl informs her that Giorgio was in his office as he decided to escort her while his men were spotted. The player and Joe managed to get pass while Daryl is not due to him wielding firearms and she was glad that he didn't see her to have a microphone before he went to the elevator. As soon as they get inside the elevator, Joe reveals that he wanted to marry Lisa and wanted to meet his parents to her. Arriving at Giorgio's office, he was seen dancing in a moonwalk while singing the late Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal due to his current reputation as a mafia leader and surprise to see the visitors. Joe introduces Giorgio to the player who poses as Kim Evergreen and Giorgio decided to talk to her privately. As Joe leaves because of Giorgio's asking, he noticed the player is in disguise and giving her a threatening look. The player continues to play along when Giorgio thinks she replaces Ryan for him. Using her romantic seductions, it worked and Giorgio ends up falling from her trap and displaying his infidelity not knowing she was about to record about his true motives and how he treats Cassidy's cousin Lily. He soon exposes his actions about with Cassidy having sex with her was nice and she has lack of imagination. However he sensed about the water sprinklers are activated in his office after his aggression to the player was interrupted and Daryl arrives to confront him and get the player to safety and he apologizes for making him mad. They soon leave before Giorgio can shoot his handgun he gets on his drawer to shoot the elevator doors. Daryl reveals that they cut off the safe circuits and asking if she is okay which she replies that she is fine. Arriving at the lobby, it was revealed that Daryl's men managed to take down most of Giorgio's men as the guard was knocked down and Parker manages to fight one of them to escort the player to the casino's exit not before the two suspicious men came to see them until Giorgio gets down to the lobby and one of the men informs him about the Ortega brothers and seeing that Daryl's men are just a half of them and upon seeing Parker's presence, he drops his gun and informs Daryl to call off his men (Not to expose his true actions to the public when Parker was there because he is a journalist). Before Giorgio would have plans to kill all of Daryl's group, Jake arrives and whispers her to get out of the casino before Giorgio would see him and Joe is no longer inside. After getting out, the player gives Parker the microphone and she finally recorded of Giorgio's actions. On the way back home, Jake was impressed on the player's heroic actions. As she returns home, she is happy to see her son having a sleep talk and reunites with Ryan. He reveals that he's taking care around the house and looking after the baby hamster. Due to being tired, Ryan massages her then seeing them having a quickie. The player gave the hamster a cookie before she and Ryan goes back to their bedroom to continue their romantic sessions. They later take their son to the amusement park to have fun until Parker arrives regarding about the infiltration and became angry for not calling him in three hours which led them to a brief argument as the player berates him for having his sister to get marry with a mobster who can kill anybody causing Parker to have loss for words. Ryan arrives and confronts Parker and berating him for the photos he takes a shot from his camera. The player tries to calm their tension until Ryan gets mad because of their involvement in the infiltration at the Queen's Casino and still showing his pride on defending the player from Parker only for the player to stop him. As Parker leaves the scene and Ryan finally learns what they did as the player tells him about Giorgio, he becomes pale as she caresses his arm to reassure him. Ryan was upset because the player had risk her life on the line to deal against Giorgio and angrily blames Jake for helping her cause. Ryan was very angry to his wife for her disobedience and decided to get back to the apartment with his family and bans her for leaving the house. Ryan continues to scold his wife for taking that risk after she gets mad for his tone of his. The next morning, she was visited by Lisa and since Ryan didn't like his wife getting involved with Parker and the others. Both Parker and Cassidy had arrive by knocking the door and Cassidy thinks it was a lie and it is not Parker's house. Cassidy thinks this is a Tupperware party in Carter Corp and remains hostile to her older brother Parker for calling that nickname and betraying her in their youths.

Despite the player and Lisa tells Cassidy the truth about Giorgio, she laughs out of them while Lisa thanked her for supporting in the cafeteria after learning of Ethan is cheating on her with Fiona until Parker opens the microphone to hear the recording about Giorgio's cheating on her when the player disguises in a singer gimmick. After learning of Giorgio's infidelity and his horrible comments at her, she broke down in tears and Parker begins to comfort his sister. The player tells her that she has full support on her despite she dislikes her very much, she needs to be back on track without Giorgio. But Cassidy reveals to them that she is pregnant with Giorgio's child, much to their horrible shock stating that it is not possible to move on without him. Parker decided to make up for his little sister and he promised her that he will never leave her anymore after he hugged her in comfort. She thanked Parker for his comfort and she doesn't know how to run a record company. Lisa tells her that Joe would teach her how to handle this business. Despite Lisa's word of putting Giorgio behind bars, Cassidy tells her that people with adultery can not be jailed. As the player tells Cassidy everything, she informs her that she didn't know about her husband to run for politics and she finally tells the player of Giorgio's true plan because she gave him information regarding about Carter Corp and for advising her to leak the handover documents as well as covering Giorgio's tracks, finally scorn his actions for using her until Parker reveals that he receives the anonymous letter from her to advise him to go to Atlantic City. Realizing that Giorgio had been using her from start to finish, Cassidy was fueled with anger and rage after learning that she gave her brother's address to Giorgio all along and was humiliated by him. After briefly comforted by the player's son by giving a stuff toy, she decided to take Giorgio down for using her as a mole, finally sided with the player. Outside the police station, Cassidy finally gets her statement to the authorities to expose all of Giorgio's crimes and becoming stressed because of the two agents. The player knew these two agents stating that her statement is extremely valuable to their cause. Despite her disobedience to her husband for banning her from leaving their home, Giorgio arrives getting handcuffed and showing his smile on his face to many and became bewildered to see the player and Cassidy who personally confronted her fiancé. Cassidy decided to work so hard to get him rotten in prison and for cheating on her due to his infidelity, she gave him a powerful slap in the face and finally informing their unborn child would not know that Giorgio is the father and she will make sure never to heard from him ever again. Giorgio was horribly surprised to have a child with her and he did this for his love to her. Cassidy angrily berates Giorgio that he never loves her but just his manipulations to do his horrible schemes and they are no longer together. As Giorgio is about to be get inside the office, he still loves Cassidy in a weird way but the latter ignores him and continues to berate him that she is not like him and her life will be start over while his life is about to meet his end, finally breaking her engagement with him. Inside the police station, Giorgio finally confesses all of the various crimes he had committed to the two agents. He threatens Mark's son, Nathan Leviels who is confined in the hospital for treatment and using Dr. Shkreli to look after him due to him have many contacts and also letting his men to brutally mauled Mark inside the prison after learning of Ryan's survival in the boat explosion made up by him while recovering his memories bit by bit due to his dissociative amnesia not until he was outsmarted by both the player and Cassidy while showing his angry frustration over their intellect. The player realizes of why Mark wears contact lenses instead of wearing his glasses is due to the beat down caused by Giorgio's men. Therefore, Ryan and Jake arrives despite her disobedience with him for staying at home. Ryan then confronts Giorgio personally as the two agents looked on, he calmly berates Giorgio for his loss since he doesn't know about all the details about his various crimes and he played against someone who is stronger than him. Since Giorgio knew he lost all of his memories due to his dissociative amnesia, Ryan reveals that he did not lose anything and never talks about himself. He informs Giorgio that his opponent was none other than his wife and seeing how intellect his wife is to make sure he would never crossed paths with her. Following Giorgio's incarceration, Ryan takes his family to their seaside villa to spend a few days of vacation as he finally learns everything. Ryan tells his wife that if they go back to New York, they have to deal the media and press about Giorgio and Carter Corp. He reveals of his intense fear of losing his wife and family and Giorgio was counting on those fears. The player tells him that they were helped by their friends in order to stop Giorgio and his true motives. If they're not helping her, he would be wounded up dead. But he is glad that he was saved by her who is the most amazing woman to the world. He reminisces the days of how they started their relationship and how he loves her personality. The player compliments her husband for being so adorable and Ryan happily thanked her for saving his life only the player tells him that death do us part that's what their marriage is all about. Ryan decided to protect his family and his wife from anyone who tries to harm them and soon the married couple had their romantic sessions as the player chooses both romantic and torrid as Ryan asks her to choose on both. Back at Carter Corp, Thomas was impressed to see her because she and Ryan are heroes in New York for putting Giorgio behind bars as seen in newspapers and the player writes an autograph to him. Matt arrives and he reveals to her that it was Parker who wrote the newspaper and was frustrated when he saves his brother during the infiltration at the casino. It reveals that Parker and Cassidy had went back to Havana to visit their parents to reconnect as a family to spend time together. After talking about Parker, Mark arrives who is now released from prison and for recovering from his brutal injuries sustained by Giorgio's men and the player was glad that he came back who also replies in thanking her. Since she learns that Mark got beat up from Giorgio's men, Mark was doing this for both Ryan and the player and was thankful to her and gives her a friendly hug. Mark finally opens up about his son Nathan as the he wanted to meet him to the player. It's because of Giorgio's threats had put on him and won't exposes his personal life to both of them. The player tells him that he can visit them anytime and was honor to meet his son. Both also mentioned the psychiatrist, Mr. Monteiro and Thomas wants to listen to Mark about the songs. As he left back to work, the player noticed his change of mood due to his experiences in prison in how to lighten up the mood and both decided to eat lunch at the cafeteria. A few months later, the Carters are now taking vacation in Iceland and they explore the capital of Reykjavik and the player tells his son about the books that Lisa had met them in person which amuses their son to see them. They meet up with Jenny and Jake after shopping inside the store and the player noticed her for being a shopaholic. Jenny reveals that she bought little knits where she makes a tiny sweater and she is pregnant with Jake who told her about her pregnancy test results. She hugged Jenny to congratulate them. Ryan was very thrilled upon hearing the news from his sister and she's going to become a mother and always giving advices to his confused son of having his cousins on his side. They later stayed at the house and both Jenny and Jake decided to stroll their son, so that both Ryan and the player would spend time together alone. This is where Ryan finally tells his wife everything about the current ordeal such as meeting with Alicia and Giorgio's arrest, he decided to run as Mayor of New York for real and leaving his amnesia behind if he was elected then their lives will be changed. He decided to turn over his current duties as the CEO of Carter Corp to Mark and informing his wife to resign her post to avoid conflict of interest and wants her to become his advisor when he decided to run in politics. The player tells him to follow his dreams and for the sake of his late father and decide to support him in his mayoral campaign. As Jenny arrives to get their son's scarf, she overheard their conversation which led to the player to have an idea by following their dreams to have their own restaurant cuisine which she happily accepts since she was handling the businesses in hotels and restaurants. The married couple later spending time together in a hot bath, leading to their make love sessions. The next day, they're having a boat ride to see a school of whales. A few months later after Ryan had won the elections and becomes the Mayor of New York, both the player and Jenny set up a bar and restaurant business and their dreams are coming true once it becomes a bigger hit. It reveals that Jenny gave birth to twin daughters Laure and Anne Stewart due to the passage of time and letting Gabriel to look after her babies as their babysitter and also reveals that Felipe from Chez Felipe becomes a guest chef by both of them to open their restaurant and learning he voted for Ryan instead of Giorgio as he trash talk at Giorgio in his Italian language. As their restaurant opens, they let the homeless people to get inside and be given food while Colin and his band setting up to make a volunteer concert while scolding at Doris who returns to the band. Matt later visits them and it was revealed that he became the department manager after her following the turn over where Mark is now the current CEO of Carter Corp. He informs her that he's gonna visit her with his son Nathan as well as he is the one who helps him on his work. Lisa arrives and she was revealed that she became Ryan's assistant when he works at the City Hall as mayor and Mrs. Chocolate being Ryan's advisor. Lisa also reveals that she is about to get engaged with Joe when she decided to let Joe meets her parents which the player congratulate her. Therefore, she saw her husband Ryan talking to Parker and it reveals that they finally settled their differences. Upon asking about Cassidy, Parker reveals that Cassidy was pissed because her son resembles her former fiance, Giorgio or him and their family are fine. Jenny finally announces the opening of their restaurant namely Jenny & (the player's name)'s Delights and giving the player some opening remarks and being supported by Ryan and his family. Following the opening of their restaurant business, Ryan takes the player to the Central Park. While having their romantic time together, Ryan thinks to have his bachelor loft back and travel the world but the player tells him that he's already became the Mayor of New York while she is the owner of the restaurant with Jenny and they can't travel around the world right now. Ryan reveals that his term as Mayor takes in a few years and he wanted to be more close to their people. The player gave him 99% percent and for 1% reason is to be with her husband and their son to spend together as a family. Ryan was shocked and surprised upon learning that the player is pregnant with his second child and was happy to hear from her that he's going to have a daughter with her and wanting to name her Marguerete. She hugged her husband and was happy for him. Upon the Nightmareden band plays their latest song "Color Out" and was labelled as "Is it Love?" Ryan declares that his wife was the one who build the bridge between him and her and their respective together as well as their current relationship as a married couple and he was glad that they are able to combine it despite their hardships together as well as their lives in New York City. The player wanted to get back to the restaurant but she couldn't because of her husband. Ryan tells her that they are always there for her and for their children and they will help them to take over their respective business once they get older. He allows his wife to return back to the restaurant to catch up for later and declaring that this bridge between their dreams and the player was the one who build it and always loved her today and anything else, he will love her together, forever.

The bad ending takes place following Giorgio's arrest due to Cassidy's current statement instead of berating Giorgio for his various crimes and being outsmarted by his wife, he angrily scolds his wife for her disobedience again and asking her to return to their home immediately. This causes a massive argument between the two married couple. While having vacation in Reykjavik, Iceland they continued their dispute and arguments and the player decided to stay and take a break but not a break-up between them as a married couple while Ryan decided to leave his family to run for politics as the Mayor of New York City. The next morning, the player is spending time with their son along with Jake and Jenny and trying to think in how to get her restaurant dreams with Jenny since she and Ryan had made their separate ways, she will be devastated. She was visited by both Matt and Lisa and they were revealed they were called by Parker to support her. In contrast to where Ryan is now the Mayor of New York, he is still the CEO of Carter Corp where he withdrew his mayoral candidacy to restructured his company and Mark remains as the Branch Manager following his release in prison and Gabriel as the Communications Manager. Upon reading the newspaper, the player was horribly surprised to see her husband has full of criticism when he withdrew his candidacy and allowing Mrs. Chocolate to won the elections. Upon talking about Cassidy, Parker arrives and he was glad that he didn't ruin everything. While walking on the sidewalks, they talk about their experiences in the infiltration of Giorgio's casino. Parker thanked her for opening up his eyes as well as for patching up his family relationship with his sister Cassidy. She also thanked him and apologizes for the refusal of not listening to him. At this point, Parker feels attracted to the player in wanting him to meet him at the hot springs. That night, she receives a call from Giorgio and it was the last call to see her stating that everyone was lost. She immediately hang up soon after as Parker arrives. After learning of this, Parker decided to protect her from any forms of danger regarding about Giorgio even if he attempts to escape to take other people's lives. As they looked at the aurora borealis in the sky, Parker even joking of her being Scarlet Johansson. The player also remembers the time when Parker replaces Ryan in the salsa dance competition. While continuing looking at the aurora borealis, Parker admits his romantic feelings to her for a very long time. The player wanted to make her and Jenny's dreams will come true and was fall apart because of her separation between her and Ryan. Parker tells her that she needs to open the restaurant business on her own and she has a lot of friends to help her out. As her professional path leads to unknown, Parker decided to help her what she needs and he'll be waiting for it. The player knew she has no regrets of having Parker to help her out and now her thinking is whether she is sided with her husband Ryan or Parker to fulfilled her dreams.




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  • According to the author and creator of the game Claire Zamora, Ryan is based on the real life actor Chris Pine.
  • His role in the game is similar and is often compared to Christian Grey in the erotic novel and film The Fifty Shades Trilogy which was portrayed by the actor Jamie Dorman.
    • Both men are the youngest CEO of their company as Ryan is one year older than Christian.
    • The elevator scene during one of his secret scenes references the elevator scene in Fifty Shades of Grey.
    • When Ryan became intimate towards the player in some of his secret scenes, references the first sex scene between Ana and Christian in Fifty Shades of Grey and other sexual scenes in the two sequels.
    • In Season 2 when Ryan tries to blindfold at the player's eyes using a ribbon during their make love sessions at the hotel they were staying, referencing the red room scene between Ana and Christian in Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed where he blindfolds Ana to have a brutal sex with him until she wakes up in bed noticing that he had left.
    • One of the secret scenes in Chapter 3 where Ryan makes love with the player references both Ana and Christian's Aspen scene in Fifty Shades Freed were both were making love in their bathtub. As for this scene however, the player's naked body has been covered with soap bubbles due to censorship.
    • In Chapter 6 which is one of the secret scenes shows Ryan putting a single ice cube over the player's belly to move the ice on her camisole to strip her off to show her breasts which is the opposite version of the scene in Fifty Shades of Grey where Christian put the single ice cube over the naked Ana by moving the ice from her chest to belly as both women got themselves in shivers while doing their romantic but brutal pleasures.
    • In Chapter 8 when he takes the player in Maldives for vacation and continue their romantic escapades, referencing the short honeymoon between Christian and Ana after their marriage in the beginning of Fifty Shades Freed.
    • One of his new extra love scenes, the title of the extra love scene is "Fifty Shades of You" which is a play on Fifty Shades of Grey and the titular character Christian Grey.
    • When Ryan licks his wife with a custard cream in each body parts referencing the Ice Cream scene with both Ana and Christian in Fifty Shades Freed as both using the ice cream to lick themselves in each body parts.
    • Both men are also polar opposites where Ryan frequently mistreats his wife when he suffers from his dissociative amnesia in the third and final season while Christian treats Ana nicely and warns her about Jack Hyde but in Fifty Shades Freed, he became anxious and getting trouble to understand his wife Ana when he learns that she was pregnant with his child.
    • During the promotional trailer for the E-Book version of Ryan, it is a reminiscent of Fifty Shades of Grey where Ryan was introduced in a similar manner as Christian had waited for Ana for the job interview as well as the first sex scene between Ana and Christian at the end of the trailer.
  • Ryan is based off of Jeff Bezos and Amazon's success.
  • In Season 2, Ryan is revealed to be an excellent driver while driving a sports car. The other one is Daryl Ortega who also owns a sports car and he previously used in the illegal car race.
  • In Chapter 2 of Season 2, Ryan also works as a parachute instructor besides his current job as the CEO of Carter Corp indicating that he has a lot of connections whenever he wanted to take the player to other places for their weekend.
  • He's the second love interest to get married at the end of his route, the first being Matt Ortega.
  • In chapter 9, it is revealed that he has insomnia.
  • He's the first love interest to become a parent at the end of his route.
  • He bears a slight resemblance to Conrad Bartholy from Mystery Spell, the original 5.
  • He's one of the 8 original characters and one of the 5 original love interests.
  • He is considered as the 3rd "love interest" in Colin Spencer's route due to his interest in the player and the connection they make.
  • Also in one of the new extra love scenes, it was written as "The end of second season" as in Fifty Shades of You which takes place in the beginning of Chapter 1 where the player is dreaming about Ryan during their restaurant scene who almost proposing her to marriage.
  • He was the first character to have a sister.
  • In the extra love scene in the elevator, Ryan's way of making love to the player is a blend between the scene of the 2015 film The Boy Next Door where Noah (played by Ryan Guzman) unashamedly flirts with Claire (played by Jennifer Lopez) which leads him to have passionate sex with her and the romance between the protagonist, Scott Ryder, and his superior officer, Cora Harper, from the game Mass Effect: Andromeda. As all of his romantic acts are not seen due to the black out of the elevator made by him and he whacks her panties during sex in an extensive manner.
  • In Chapter 3 within the third and final season when he begins to get close to the player, Ryan appears on his casual outfit but on the secret scene it was his corporate outfit.
  • He, Colin Spencer, Gabriel Simons and Mark Leviels are the only Carter Corp love interests to not have started off as second love interests in a previous story route.
  • He is on the cover of the Is it Love? Art Book.
  • He and Lisa Parker are the only characters that appear in every single Carter Corp story route.
    • This also means that he is the only love interest to appear in all 8 routes.
  • Ryan was the first character in the series to be body-guarded by Jake Stewart.
  • In his route, he and Jenny are half-siblings, but in Gabriel's route, he and Jenny are step-siblings.
    • This could be an oversight from the writers or a writing error.
  • Ryan and Gabriel Simons are the only main love interests that have never appeared in another main love interest's secret image during another story route, they have only been seen in images from their perspective story routes.
  • Ryan is the very first character to receive a season 3.
  • He is 28 years old within both first and second season as well as his appearances from other story routes and he is now 31 years old in the third and final season which is the same age as Mark Leviels' due to the passage of time of three years.
  • When the players play the first chapter of his Season 3, the background becomes Season 2 Chapter 13 which was mistranslated.
  • Ryan is the only Carter Corp main love interests to be drawn in 6 different kinds of art styles.
  • His season finale from season is the longest Chapter from the Carter Corp Universe.
  • His route featured all the second love interests that have been featured in the Carter Corp Universe only Ashton Darrow' hasn't made an appearance yet. But he has been mentioned 2 times in his final season
  • Ryan's story route is the first and so far only route that has had 3 different Big Bads, being Jenny Blake, Alicia Boone & Giorgio Maccini.
  • He has a secret image from season 1 of his route that was scrapped from the game.
    • In the image, it appears that he and the player are baking something and he is seen in his casual black shirt. The image was supposed to be used for a sneak peek ad before being cut out of the final product.
    • This means that he, Jake Stewart and Lisa Parker are the only characters to have deleted secret scenes.
  • Since his Season 3 has been released and starting from the end of Chapter 2 where Ryan breaks his marriage with the player and leaving his new family behind due to his suffering from dissociative amnesia. This causes an emotional breakdown to many fans and was heavily criticized due to the writers who had written the parts of the story from this chapter is completely repetitive and old.
    • As of Chapter 4, many fans are still affected at the end of Chapter 2 and continued their backlash and criticism towards Ryan and his mistreatment to his current wife.
    • Despite the fans' criticism however, both scriptwriter and script doctor, Cynthia and Laurie-Anne from 1492 studios have been interviewed regarding about the plot setting and its respective chapters.
  • According to Laurie-Anne from 1492 studios that James Oswald-Descieux from Secret Palace is rumored as the spiritual son of Ryan due to his strong resemblance and outfit which is why he was partnered with Ryan's half-sister Jenny Blake within its ads
  • Ryan's astrology sign is Sagittarius.
    • Which means his birthday is between November 22 & December 21.
  • Ryan's season 3 holds the record for the most character appearances with a total of 25. His season 3 includes him, Jake, Jenny, Parker, Mark, Matt, Lisa, Thomas, Gabriel, Colin, Adam, Owen, Fiona, Derrick, Doris, Cassidy, Alicia, Giorgio, Daryl, Joe, Creep, the player, their child the hamster and the 2nd hamster.
  • Ryan's season 3 has been widely criticized by fans and many felt unhappy with it and have even felt that it is lazy.
  • Ryan and Sebastian Jones are the only known characters to have assigned birthdays to them.
  • Ryan, James Oswald-Descieux and Peter Bartholy have the most explicit secret scenes in their respective routes.
  • He is one of the 6 love interests that has a book adaptation.
  • Ryan's route is the first and only story route to feature 3 different pregnant women, all in the same season too.
  • He can be seen wearing his watch on both his wrists in different secret images, this could mean that Ryan is possibly ambidextrous (meaning he can wright with both of his hands) which makes him and the player from his route the only characters that possibly have that ability.
  • The very first extra love scene was dedicated to him.